Lersak B. (lersak@ksc11.th.com)
Wed, 7 Jul 1999 22:55:17 +0700

10. You don't own any MS-06R1 or R2 Kit yet

9. You just have to have one of each Bandai Kit (Eddie, it's you) (^_-)

7. You bought B-Club conversion kit, and want to average the cost to feel
that it is cheaper

8. You are too lazy to scratch-build Giant Bazooka

6. You are too lazy to re-shape the arms

5. You are too lazy to paint the kit in Black-Purple scheme

4. You need spare parts for Arms/Shield/etc. (yes, that's what additional
200 Yen came from)

3. You got 1/20 Guyya-the-bear figurine from Zaku-I, Ortega-the-Ogre from
DOM, why not the chubby 1/20 Mush!? (Somehow I feel that he looks like Bill
Murray!!! or...may be... Phil Collins?)

2. You are either a Bandai Loyal Customer...or

1. You are a Bandai Shareholder! Oh well

Lers. the faithful slave of Bandai

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