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1. The very Biiiiiiiiig Box size (40cm x 30 cm x 10 cm)
    (same size as GP02, Super Mk-II)

2. CG Works by Yuji Kaida (I thought he does just only Painting)

3. Cross-shape Mono-eye that moves on Ball-Joint

4. Finger-by-Finger Manipulator? Wow....will it be on the next MG?

5. Legs' Engine (Hovering Jet Unit?)
It's exactly the same as we saw in MG Gelgoog. I'm sure that it's in the
production design process of Zeonic/Zimmad for MS-09 ~ MS-14 series.
It's not Bandai's Laziness, really!!!!

6. It's handful and huge….Did I already say that? (^_^)

7. Huge foot-sole (about 6cm x 8 cm) [2 1/4" x 3"]

8. Removable Frame for Leg Parts!
Well, who cares about the Zeon's Monocoque (sp?) design? It's the most
beautiful part to be applied on every MG…. Inner Mechanism!!!

9. Sturm Faust (Launched / Ready) & Weird Heat Sabre

10. Raketen Bazooka (sp? German word?)
    0083 Style Bazooka with removable magazine & one-tiny-bullet!

11. MMP-90 (?) 0080 Style Zaku Machine Gun with spare clips

12. Ugly 1/20 Ortega Figure!!!

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