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> >Almost by definition, anything that's animated is Canon. That's why
> >fans had screaming fits when episode 1 of 08th MS Team appeared to
> >violate continuity all the way back to the original series.
> In which way did it violate continuity? I don't seem to notice any
> continuity problems. BTW, I have not seen the original series.
> Jorge Lee.
In the original series, all mass produced fed MSes built (IE the GMs)
were equipped with program downloads from the RX-78-2's learning
computer, giving them programming to mimic a lot of Amuro's moves. The
first episode has GMs in combat before the Gundam has ever reached
Jaburo for these programs to be downloaded. (Giren's funeral speech for
Garma is very much in evidence at the time.) Now, even assuming Matilda
downloaded this information from the Gundam during the first resupply
following the battles in New York City (where Garma was killed,) this
information still has to make it all the way to Jabauro. Even though
it's possible for the information to have been downloaded at Luna-II and
installed in GMs being produced there, then relayed down to Jaburo, it's
still a mighty tight schedule. Not an actual hole in the continuity,
but more a case of ambiguity.

Of course, Mark Simmons, and a lot of other fans, have very strong
opinions on this subject...

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