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Richie Ramos wrote:
> >LOL! but i remember these pair of missiles were used
> >as weapons in most cases, and i really lost memory if
> >the 1st gen Mazinger ever hold on to it for flying.
> >I'm sure, however, that the 2nd gen Mazinger has the
> >optional flying backpack so the 'indecent' tag was
> >avoided :)
> There was one episoide where it happened, because they had a flying enemy.
> she had experimental missiles on her which she fired in Mazinger's general
> direction. He grabbed hold of both and pressed a button on them (I KID YOU
> NOT) and they activated and off he went flying while holding on to
> Aphrodite's err, assets. Why it was never censored here in the Philippines
> I'll never know. Even as a kid I knew it was wayyyyyyyweirdddddd.

Wierd, yes. But very much in keeping with Go Nagai's mindset...

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