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Ranma Saotome wrote:
> >Yes but all three Guyver units were stolen from the Chronos by a guinea
> >pig controlled by Agito Makishima.
> I'll give you that, but it wasn't the "hero" of the story.

Well, in later volumes Sho almost disappears from the scene and all the
becomes more decentralized. Agito becomes the major player in the
resistance group aganist Chronos.
Then the concept isn't that a prototype/discovered weapon is stolen by
the hero. The idea is that a weapon change hands, it's only a device
that can be used for good or ill. In Kotetsu Jeeg it's Hiroshi father
that steals the "Bronze Bell" from the Yamatai people and later implants
it in the boy transforming him in the head of the magnetic robot. More
often the good scientist stole the technology from his enemies to built
the new robot.
Bye, Vincenzo

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