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All right boys girls and other gender preferences, this is the review so
far for the Mobile Kapool.

1) It's a small thing. it's only 2/3 the size of a Gouf Flight Type in
terms of apparent mass.
2) It's cheap. I got it for the equivalent of $6.50.
3) It actually looks scary, small bugger that it is.
4) While it looks poseable, IT ISN"T AS POSABLE AS YOU THINK. Take my
word for it...the claws do not rotate on the wrist axis, and the legs,
while cool looking, is not really posable. the arms are jointed in obly
one place aside from the elbow/wrist and the shoulder.
5) The chestbreak thing is very ingenious. it makes up for the bad arms.
6) It has a nasty looking codpiece. hehehehheheh.
7) it's in a weird greenish color, while some parts are in pink and blue.
"silver"-grainy claws.
8) it has a triple gun mounted on one arm, reminds me of the Dreissen's
weapons; the triple gun can be mounted on wither arm, to reflect your
handedness tastes.
9) though it doesn't have much line detail, It has just enough to make it
look good.
10) It looks like a mutant HARO. I KID YOU NOT. It's as if someone
plugged Haro with a syringe full of Anabolic steroids and made him pump
iron a lot.

All in all, it is a good kit. I want to paint mine purple.

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