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> However, I still think that relationship between Nina and Gato affects the
> story a lot. For instance, Gato's personality is a lot stronger now. He
> has to follow what he believes even that means leaving his girlfriend.
> Furthermore, the conflict between Kou and Gato becomes much stronger. And
> think it is a great move for character development. With this
> we can see Kou is concerned more about fighting against Gato than fighting
> agains Zeta. At the last fight, Kou is obviously fighting for the seek of
> killing Gato, but Gato fights against Kou to archive his political belief.
> The sad reality is, the directoer should have use this relationship in the
> movie (when the story can still be changed a little) to make the story
> interesting.
> Hoi

Has anyone considered the fact the Nina and Gato may have only dated a few
times before Gato got pulled from Von Braun City to fight at Solomon? Maybe
it's time they spent apart that cause the confusion. (Yes, I do understand
that the Nina-Gato relationship was most likely an after thought, but this
could explain it in retrospect.)


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