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On Tue, 6 Jul 1999, Edward Ju wrote:
> No self respecting artist would do it because, if you are Tomino, you are
> not interested in doing the same old thing. You want to do something new.
> ...

Is that how you would label the people who remade the Dr. Slump series? Or
people who remade Psycho?

I think the first was done by the original creators, the latter was done
by new people. Neither of these was as good as the original, but I don't
think the directors, actors, animators etc stop respecting themselves over

Artists often have to do worse than remakes in the commercial world. As
many a wise men on the GML has told me: "whatever that makes money!"

Personally I think many good artists would feel honoured to do a remake of
the 0079 TV series. It shouldn't be a shot-for-shot remake with just
improved animation (which was essentially the case for Psycho), but a
"revision" or a "2nd edition". I would greatly appreciate a revision
where the MS have rigid armor instead of soft rubbery body. Many of the
silly stuffs (e.g. the way Miharu dies) should also be cleaned up.

There are plenty of artistic and financial reasons to remake 0079. Will
it happen soon? Probably not.

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