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> Subject: Re: [gundam] The next to be realeased to U.S. are......

> No self respecting artist would do it because, if you are Tomino, you are
> not interested in doing the same old thing. You want to do something new.
> If you are not Tomino, you'd rather do your own story, even if it sucks
> like Gundam X, than to do an update of someone else's baby.

Whoa, whoa, you're lumping different views together. A self-respecting
artist and a guy who wants to direct his own anime series are two different
things. How many remakes of movies and TV shows have been made in the last
10 years? Sure, most suck, but the idea is still viable. And many self
respecting artists and producers and directors and such work on projects
which are not their own.

> There's also a fear factor involved - what if you can't pull it off and do
> it justice? Look at the Gus Van San remake of Psycho. You won't get any
> browny points for trying, but you end up with the wrath of the fans.

No points for trying if it sucks, yes. A confident director/artist won't
succumb to the fear anyway. What about people who do novelizations of
movies? Not their story. Or comic book adaptations of movies or books?
Not their story. How many versions of Hamlet have been produced? How
many bands have done covers of Led Zeppelin tunes or Beatles songs? The
attempt to do justice to a favorite work is as big a drive as creating
something new.

> The idea of remaking the original series with better animation quality
> sounds real good on paper, but artistically it sounds less appealling to
> those who are actually involved in the creation/production process.

Speak for yourself, I'd love the opportunity. The story's done. The
dialog is done. Colorizing an old WB cartoon is no fun but being able
to do new animation for fleet battles or MS fights would be a challenge.


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