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Tue, 06 Jul 1999 21:09:40 EDT

>Anyone else out there feel the relationship between Nina And Gato was
>thrown in at the last second? She sure didnt seem to be bothered when
>they found out that her ex stole Unit2. I think Kou and the gang
>reacted more then she did. Any thoughts?

Come to think of it, isn't it strange that Nina was more concerned about
GP02 than meeting her "missed" boyfriend, Gato, again when he stole the
Gundam? Compare to the end when Nina met Gato at the control room, Nina
showed a lot more emotion.

Anyway, I do not think the Nina-Gato relationship is planned at the
beginning. However, in the movie, when Kou decided to pliot GP03, Nina
became extremely worried. She kept asking why it had to come to this. This
spot shows that the relationship becomes part of the story in the middle.
Although, I could be wrong that this spot in the movie is just added when
the moive is being produced, when the OVA is over and everything is settled.
  (Can anyone answer me on this one?)

However, I still think that relationship between Nina and Gato affects the
story a lot. For instance, Gato's personality is a lot stronger now. He
has to follow what he believes even that means leaving his girlfriend.
Furthermore, the conflict between Kou and Gato becomes much stronger. And I
think it is a great move for character development. With this relationship,
we can see Kou is concerned more about fighting against Gato than fighting
agains Zeta. At the last fight, Kou is obviously fighting for the seek of
killing Gato, but Gato fights against Kou to archive his political belief.
The sad reality is, the directoer should have use this relationship in the
movie (when the story can still be changed a little) to make the story more


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