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James Boren wrote:
> >Richie Ramos wrote:
> >>
> >> >Anyone else out there feel the relationship between Nina And Gato was
> >> >thrown in at the last second? She sure didnt seem to be bothered when
> >> >they found out that her ex stole Unit2. I think Kou and the gang
> >> >reacted more then she did. Any thoughts?
> >> >metareyes
> >>
> >> I think so was such a big PLOT HOLE!
> >
> >Yes I did notice that too. What? Do you know that your former boyfriend
> >stole your precious Gundam (and she see him entering in the cockpit and
> >heard his voice rightly after) and you don't even blink at that?
> >Bye, Vincenzo
> >
> You know those Spacenoid women are a strange bunch. Fed starship libraries
> are stuffed with books about them. Just ask Kou. Now as for me. I don't
> care if they are "elites", give me a solid earthborn woman. They are so
> much more rational.

Sayla wanted to kill his own brother, Lala was...peculiar, Amon killed
herself to avenge Ran Baral, Four Murasame was a psychotic and Haman was
no much betta', the new gal from 8th MS team love the new pilot, Cecile
Fairchild "betrayed" her friends for the Crossbone Vanguard...
I love Spacenoid women. They make life interesting and they're so cute
that you're almost happy if they try to kill you.
> -James
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Bye, Vincenzo

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