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> > Yes I did notice that too. What? Do you know that your former boyfriend
> > stole your precious Gundam (and she see him entering in the cockpit and
> > heard his voice rightly after) and you don't even blink at that?
> > Bye, Vincenzo
> I got the impression that she just didn't recognize Gato since he was so out
> of any context that she know him by. After seeing the way Cima looked in
> business suit, I can see Nina just not think that it was indeed Gato steeling
> her GP02, instead of some nosy feddie officer that just shouldn't be there.
Yes but later Gato presents himself and Nina doesn't appear very
shocked. Japanese characters tend to say something mysterious and
cryptic about similar situations ("Yes Uraki, I feel something about
you...but there's something in my past I must resolve first. It's very
Bye, Vincenzo

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