Tue, 6 Jul 1999 17:03:00 EDT

<< You guys have seen the manga versions of the three Star Wars movies, right?
 Why not do an OVA series of the first series? New animation, same story,
 same dialog, same everything, just updated character/mecha designs. It
 would have a better chance at the young market like you suggest and it would
 compete better with current advances in anime. I know this has been brought
 up before but, aside from purist complaints, there'd be no harm in doing it.
 And you could still own the older version, anyway. >>

I've always thought that would be a great idea. Simply spectacular. More than
spectacular. Extraordinary. Marvelous. Heh heh, anyways, why hasn't this been
done recently???? Which corporate head has peas for brains that they don't
see what a great idea that would be? Erm, this is just a ramble, I think...
bye bye!


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