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> Subject: Re: [gundam] The next to be realeased to U.S. are......

> I've been hearing people talk about how the animation quality of Zeta is
> good enough to stand side by side with many of today's anime shows, but
> upon flipping through the recently published Tomino retrospective book,
> I can't help but notice how "dated" is the hairstyle of his characters
> from the shows that ran in the 80s.
> made a good short-term business decision to release Wing, but I
> fear that by the time they get to Zeta, all the girls who bought in
> Wing and tried to watch other Gundam shows will all in a sudden go
> "What? No cute boys? Bye!" and then U.S. Gundam sales drop like a rock,
> Bandai Japan gets scares, and no more Gundam in the U.S.... so in the long
> term I think it'll hurt!
> Eddie

You guys have seen the manga versions of the three Star Wars movies, right?
Why not do an OVA series of the first series? New animation, same story,
same dialog, same everything, just updated character/mecha designs. It
would have a better chance at the young market like you suggest and it would
compete better with current advances in anime. I know this has been brought
up before but, aside from purist complaints, there'd be no harm in doing it.
And you could still own the older version, anyway.


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