Ranma Saotome (ranma1-2@sonic.net)
Tue, 6 Jul 99 11:54:51 -0800

>> They are kinda cool, if you want to display them next to their NO (Non
>> Deformed) Counterpart as a joke. They are really easy to put together. I
>> guess I'd have to say they are kinda fun, but they aren't as interesting
>> during the actual construction phase. They are more just for laughs...
>> Jason
>I heard they're easy to put together, quite well made, and durable for
>play... that is, perfect for kids. They're "kawaii", too.

I want to use them for a stategy game based on gundam. They're cheaper
and they sound easy to build. That and I'm a big fan of anything Super
Deformed, I don't know why. They just look cool.

    - Ranma Saotome

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