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>But I can't think of anything that divides evenly by 87....

I can't either, but I do know a little bit of background.
O gauge is 7mm/foot [no, I have no idea why it's quoted like that, it has
been for as long as I can remember] and was, at one point the smallest gauge
for model trains. [There's 1 and 2 gauge as well]
HO is so called because it's half-O gauge at, and is the most
common gauge apart from in Britain where the trains are slightly overscale
[British engines are narrower y'know - made it impossible to fit the
electric motors] at 4mm/foot [OO gauge] [Roughly 1/75 which is as close to
1/72 as makesvery little difference]

1/100 would be roughly 3mm/foot and that corresponds to TT gauge. If you
can find anything for that, then I congratulate you most heartily because
AFAIK that particular gauge never took off in a big way anywhere in the

Anyway, thanks for listening to my ramblings...

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