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>Insofar as I know, the Incom system appeared only in the fan-authored
>Gundam Sentinel. In fact, I only know of three MS that used the Incom:
>MSA-0011 Superior Gundam (3.8MW Incom), MSA-001(Ext) Ex-S Gundam (3.8MW
>Incom), and ORX-013 Gundam Mark V (4.5MW Incom x 2). That's really only
>two, since the Ex-S is just a beefed up S.

This is incorrect: The incom system actually first appeared on the AMX-014
Doven Wolf from Gundam ZZ, although it was never actually shown used in the
animation (a distinction common to many late mobile suits from that period;
they had far too many weapons!) The incom beam cannons are located on the
split backpack, and look like fat discs.

The guys who made Gundam Sentinel scratch built their Gundam Mk V model
mostly from scavenged Doven Wolf parts for their Mission ZZ book, and later
they inserted the Mk V into the continuity as a sort of prototype... sigh...
more fan-based retrofitting...

-scott \\
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