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>Are you talking about the Braubro from the original model series? I
>thought it's 1/550, not 1/220. 1/220 would suck, because all the other
>MA's are 1/550 (even the undersized Zackello comes in both 1/220 and
>1/550 scales).

        My mistake, it is 1/550.

>Don't get too tempted with the bonus mini figures from Bandai kits. The
>Zaku and Zugock from the Gau kit are very nice, but the Gundam, Guncannon
>and Guntank from the 1/1200 White Base kit are terrible. I can make
>better figures with playdoh myself. The Doms in Mydia are ok, the Gelgoog
>in Elmeth is bad.

        OHMIGOD. Thanks for the warning. By the way people, I just got the 1/100
Destroids from macross...They have nice construction, and look very
Gasaraki, now that I think of it. Also, I will be going on a tour of the
Shops tomorrow, will come back with news of what's new and what's hot soon.

        Another question: am contemplating buying a Zplus and an extra Ex-S
gundam and the S- Boost version, as well as another Ex-S gundam.
        Is it a nice idea to combine the Boost stuff with the Ex-S? and would it
be nice to cannibalize an Ex-S to bash the Zplus into an extreme version?
I have a sudden urge to make a Zeta-plus look very nasty.

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