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>> It's the most endearing cheesy soundtrack EVER!
> I'll have to see if I can find some way to hear it. I've never
>been quite the same since I saw Gekiganger... ^_^

        hmmmm...It's like this...listen to the Daimos/Deimos/Dynamo soundtrack,
the Voltus V/Voltes V themes, the Danguard Ace stuff, Grendizer, Mekanda,
Balatak, Jeeg, Getta Robot stuff, and THEN by this CD called Animetallica
(I think) where a heavy metal band transforms all the themes into
nasty-in-your-face metal renditions, along with Mazinger Z of course.
        To give you an idea of how memorable those themes are...yuppies here in
the Philippines can identify each other by the humming of Voltes V themes
while doing nothing....

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