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DaveJS97@aol.com wrote:

>I liked Gundam Wing...but the more i watched it...the more i noticed really
>STUPID stuff in it...

You're not the only one. That's why I wrote "willing suspension of
disbelief" is necessary for watching this show.

>How is Trowa able to get Heavyarms in the circus tent without the audience
>ringmaster noticing until the lights come on?

or for that matter, how did they manage to transport these things all over
earth without anyone ever noticing?

>Why are the 15-16 yr old G-boys so insanely tough?

>How do Duo and Heero survive after falling from the building?

Well, Duo did have an umbrella like thing... But... How did Heero's broken
leg heal in a day or two? His bullet wounds sort of disappear and reappear
for a while. How does Heero manage to bend open all those bars in jails?
How did he stay comatose for a month and not die? (Medically speaking,
patients comatose due to trauma need to be cared for in the intensive care
unit to survive. Feeding tubes, IV's and all. Also implies brain damage,
which he seemed to not have... sorry for the technicality. I'm a doctorl :)

>How are the pilots able to survive a self destruction?…they must have very
>hard skin…made of Gundanium possibly

Their clothes are made of Gundanium? Notice how Heero wears that flimsy
tanktop that stays intact no matter what he does (even blowing himself up!).
They also wore the same clothes for almost a year, and they show no wear.

>Why is Quatre's sister almost killed when she breaks his fall in the
>explosion of his father's ship? (lol)

Yes, she was squashed by Quatre, who weighs all of 41kg... Wait! it was in
zero gravity so that doesn't even count. She passed out from the shock of
her father being killed, maybe. I did like Quatre's maniacal laugh after
this scene. (still makes me laugh...)

>Why are characters able to sit and run quite normally in no-gravity areas?
>Surely this is impossible...

Their hair stays perfectly in place, too. Except Duo's pigtail seems to
float a little. I really wanted to see Trowa's bangs floating straight up...

>What the hell is that scene about when Heero falls out of Mercurius, glowing
>yellow, then Quatre touches him...removing his yellowness and absorbs it
>his heart??

"Uchu's no kokoro" thing, I think.

>Hmm...have i missed anything?

Don't even get me started.
Why does anyone bother listening to a 16 yr. old kid like Relena?
When did Sally go to medical school if she is 19 in the series, and a
military officer?
How did a tiny Trowa at age 10 or less manage to pilot a MS? Was the cockpit
custom made to fit a tiny 10 yr. old? How did he even reach the pedals?
How did OZ manage to produce hundreds of Mobile Dolls in a matter of a few
How did Quatre manage to survive in space floating around in that shuttle,
unconscious with no food or water for what seems like weeks?

The list goes on...

I still really like GW... honest!

Emi A

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