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On Tue, 6 Jul 1999, Salamangka wrote:
> Hmmm...okay, that means a lot of glue and stuff.
> It's weird, but I see it as a challenge for my skills...and the 1/220 gundam
> is fascinating!

Are you talking about the Braubro from the original model series? I
thought it's 1/550, not 1/220. 1/220 would suck, because all the other
MA's are 1/550 (even the undersized Zackello comes in both 1/220 and
1/550 scales).

Don't get too tempted with the bonus mini figures from Bandai kits. The
Zaku and Zugock from the Gau kit are very nice, but the Gundam, Guncannon
and Guntank from the 1/1200 White Base kit are terrible. I can make
better figures with playdoh myself. The Doms in Mydia are ok, the Gelgoog
in Elmeth is bad.

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