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>Metallic colours? You mean using metallic blue and red? I don't know about
>that. Did you do it that way? What about the white areas?
>I did my 1/144 Sandrock but it didn't turn out that great. I replace white
>with chrome silver, yellow with clear yellow-over-chrome, black with
>quiksilver + black, red with clear red-over-chrome, so I didn't thought I
>would ever do another kit this way again. Does your WingO look good?

        My paint scheme is as follows: Metallic Blue, Flat Red and Gold
(substitute for yellow), then Flat white for the body. INstead of standard
grey, I used dark grey or german grey, then metallic grey for intakes and
exhaust ports. I also use GHunmetal for some places, and I do believe in
using some amounts of silver.
        That was only for the Wing Zero, mind you.

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