Tue, 6 Jul 1999 09:41:27 EDT

I liked Gundam Wing...but the more i watched it...the more i noticed really
STUPID stuff in it...

How is Trowa able to get Heavyarms in the circus tent without the audience or
ringmaster noticing until the lights come on?

Why are the 15-16 yr old G-boys so insanely tough?

How do Duo and Heero survive after falling from the building?

Why is Heero unable to be even nearly killed by anything, except…umm…falling
off some missiles in the second episode?

How are the pilots able to survive a self destruction?…they must have very
hard skin…made of Gundanium possibly.

How are the Gundams' able to fit on relatively small the transport trucks?

Why is Quatre's sister almost killed when she breaks his fall in the
explosion of his father's ship? (lol)

How are the crippled old Gundam-Professor geezers able to hold onto
Deathscythe Hell as it rushes to the Peacemillion…finding time to kill some
dolls on the way?

Why, when Wing's knee is damaged, does this result in an inability to do
anything…even use its rockets to move?

Why are characters able to sit and run quite normally in no-gravity areas?
Surely this is impossible...

Is the paint used to color the Gundams made of Gundanium too? It's the
ultimate paint…never scratches or blemishes!

What the hell is that scene about when Heero falls out of Mercurius, glowing
yellow, then Quatre touches him...removing his yellowness and absorbs it into
his heart??

What the hell kind of targetting system does Wing Zero have if it struggles
to lock onto a piece of the Libra big enough to wreck a large portion of the

Hmm...have i missed anything?

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