Tue, 6 Jul 1999 09:31:06 EDT

I actually didnt mind the mecha designs in Gundam Wing...each of the 5
Gundams were very distinguished...and the Endless Waltz models were even
better, even if slightly unfeasible.
I know this is something i shouldn't be thinking about, but its really
annoying me...so someone try to figure this out...
This goes for all the Gundams...but i'll give Heavyarms as an example.

At the start of the series...its called XXXG-01 H1 and has one gun on its arm.
The Gundams are upgraded...which is a major event in the series. Heavyarms
gets two guns and is called XXXG-01 H2.
In Endless Waltz...the end of the series is repeated...but with the better
(IMO) Gundam designs...here, Heavyarms has 4 guns - and is blue.
Although annoying...i'll let this drop...but...
In one of the flashback scenes to BEFORE the series even started, Heavyarms
is in the background in its blue XXXG-01 H2 form. So according to EW, the
upgrade time in the series never happened, because Heavyarms was H2 before
Trowa arrived n earth with it...
Does Endless Waltz provide us with some kind of bizarre alternate timeline?
What's going on here?

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