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Tue, 06 Jul 1999 14:09:07 +0200

Nightingale wrote:
>> know wot u meant, Richie. If anyone have ever watch
> the very first "Mazinger" or "Getter" TV series, with
> all those 'super-heated flame', 'sulphuric acid wind',
> 'super ax', and so on being shouted before every
> attack, you will understand why Gundam 0079 is so
> attractive (I am one of the converted). Gato's battle
> cry, compares to the above, is really nothing to it :)
Here in Italy we watched almost all the '70 and '80 robots. Many Italian
boys grow up crying "Raggio Protonico!" or "Maglio Perforante!".
Actually the war cries is part our youth. In Gureto Majinger tai
Grendizer Koji Kabuto explains that the robots are partially voice
controlled so the war cries are nothing more than commands. What a lousy
Bye, Vincenzo

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