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>Well, I like it so much that I've got two of this kit. Do you have the 1/100

>WingO kit? Basically, it's about the same, just bigger, more details and
>with light. The beam saber(just the handle) can be kept in the shoulder,
>each finger made up with 2 joints, making it very articulate, but I guess as

>with other models, joints will become loose after much use(that's why I
>never take it out to play ever since the day I fixed it). Moulded in full
>colour, little or no painting required(you know, all those black lines and

>some areas). The gun has a small piece protuding out of the handle to 'snap'

>onto the palm to hold it in place.
>I think it looks magnificant, I just put it in a standing pose, as someone

>else in the GML had said--1/60 are just good for standing there alone. Well,

>depending on what you're going to do with it----just fix it and pose, or
>paint it in a different colour scheme, etc... I don't know how it will turn

>out in a different colour scheme. Guess that's all I have to say.

I was the guy who said that. I would suggest that if one were to give it a
good paint job, one should use more dark grays and metallic for
the panel lines, yes they have to be inked in, becasue it is SOOOOO COOOL.
I just wish it had a cockpit instead of a light in the cockpit. It's a damn
good kit, but watch out for the hinge parts of the wing, since they are very half tempted to actually make some brass fittings for this parts.
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