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>> I'm sure, however, that the 2nd gen Mazinger has
>> the optional flying backpack so the 'indecent' tag
>> was avoided :)
> There was one episoide where it happened, because
> they had a flying enemy. she had experimental
> missiles on her which she fired in Mazinger's
> direction. He grabbed hold of both and pressed a
> button on them (I KID YOU NOT) and they activated
> off he went flying while holding on to Aphrodite's
> err, assets. Why it was never censored here in the
> Philippines I'll never know. Even as a kid I knew it

> was wayyyyyyyweirdddddd.

IIRC, the entire 1st gen Mazinger TV show was never
censored in Hong Kong, either. I think back then
governments were more tolerant (or was it ignorant) on
that kind of thing that's now being labelled as
'suggestive', 'sensitive', etc.

Those are the days.

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