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>This is slightly off topic, but relavent for view Japanese Gundam
>sites: how does one view Japanese on Netscape using English Windows
>98? I thought there was something that had to be done with some fonts,
>but I can't seem to find anything with Japanese fonts. Can anyone help?

You have to download the appropriate language plug-in, which you should be
able to get at NetCenter (click the Netscape N icon). I think the language
plug-ins come standard with the more recent versions (4.5 and above).

Once you have the language plug-in, you should be able to find the Japanese
character sets (EUC and JIS) on the View | Encoding pull down menu. You
may have to reload the page after selecting the Japanese encoding.

Having worked now with several versions of Netscape (3.02S, 4.04, 4.51, 4.6
and 4.61) on the Windows, UNIX and Macintosh platforms, I have concluded
through direct side-by-side comparison that Internet Explorer is the better


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