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>well I do recall the back cover for a Gaia Gear Sound Theatre CD titled
>'Mobile Suit Gundam Saga: Gaia Gear' I don't know how or why that

As I recall, it was originally titled Newtype Saga Gaia Gear when it was a
text story serialized in Newtype Magazine. The name change may have come
later, when they did the radio drama that became the Sound Theatre CD.

>>Still, it's interesting to note how the action of Gaia Gear fits
>> into the UC timeline, especially in light of the way G-Saviour seems to
>> respect it, with the same 30-year "generational" gap as from CCA (0093) to
>> F91 (0123) to V (0153).
>I beg to differ. Technology is different between Gaia Gear and F91/VG.
>Machines in Gaia Gear are heavy and large, cf MS in F91/VG. I not even
>to think how G-Saviour will fit into this @_x

Please note that I said how the action, not the technology, fits -- and I
say again that both the plot (reincarnated Char versus MAHA) and technology
(no beam shields, 20+ meter MM, etc.) all point to a timeframe circa UC
0113, a logical continuation of the CCA and Hathaway storylines, as noted

>> I still think that Gaia Gear belongs circa UC 0113, as the conclusion of a
>> trilogy that began with CCA (0093) and continued with Hathaway's Flash
>> (0103).
>was there ever an date which Gaia Gear is supposed to occur? In light of
>F91/VG, the Gundam Perfect Web and other sources put Gaia Gear in 203
>(?). But anyway, I think Gaia Gear is accepted by hard core Gundam fans
>who believe in the old Amuro vs Char conflict.

Tomino said "one hundred years after Gundam" at a time when the Gundam saga
ended at UC 0093 for the anime (CCA) or UC 0105 for his own writings
(Hathaway). The dating of Gaia Gear circa UC 0203 began with its
inclusion in the Newtype timelines to which I referred in my original post.

If Tomino hadn't decided he wanted total ownership and control and recast
the story a century in the future, I believe that Afransia Char would've
been either Char's natural son by Nanai Migele or a true (as opposed to
"memory") clone of Char himself and that Metatron would've been either
remnants of Char's Neo Zeon or possibly a revenant of the original Zeon,
led by a 30-something Minerva Zavi.

>> It's written by Tomino, which has *got* to count for something, and it
>> continues and resolves the storyline begun in F91.
>right so what does this say about Gaia Gear?

As the century-after-Gundam story that it became, it's an anarchronism,
although it may now be made to serve as a bridge between the current UC
chronology ending with V Gundam and the new G-Saviour. That gives them a
half century between V and Gaia Gear to reconcile the technology
differences and set up the recurrence of the MAHA, resulting to a new round
of Side building to lead into G-Saviour.

More could be said about Gaia Gear were is placed, as I think it was
originally meant to be, circa UC 0113. There it would resolve the arc that
began with CCA (or, more correctly, the novelization Beltochika's Children
or Hi-Streamer) and continued into Hathaway's Flash, each spaced a decade

>> The more I see of Crossbone, the more I wish that F91 had been done as a
>> full series, possibly with the movie as an introduction. Crossbone Gundam
>> - Episode 1: Gundam Formula 91....
>BTW according to the Gundam Perfect Web, the F90 roll out was in 0111,
>and F91 rolled out in 0112. By the time these feature in any conflict,
>these are 'old' compared to other Gundams by he time they see combat.
>The entry for the F91 was translated by Translingo as:
>Gundam F91 roll out. [It] takes time in the adjustment of the bio-
>yeah, takes six years to adjust while it collects dust, and then most of
>the work is then focused on the F90. The Anaheim version of F91 is not
>rolled out until 0122. This is one screwy period for technology. Then
>there is the F90 III Y, which apparently features in Crossbone Gundam
>and Silhouette Formula 91. Confused...

Here, again, you see the problems of resolving two different branches of
the Canon. Like Gundam Sentinel, the F90 series comes to us from a line of
models plus a spinoff video game, Silhouette Formula Wars. These are Canon
because, like anime, they are represented by a product line of models and
toys. Having marketed same, the creators must now integrate them into the
chronology but, as noted earlier, continuity is not a major concern for them.


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