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>>And, if memory serves, the Gundam Mk.V also holds the dubious distinction
>>of being the first Gundam to be stolen and used by the Bad Guys.
>>(The Gundam Mk.II was the first Gundam to be stolen and used by the Good
> The GP-02A? =) In terms of timeline, it's the first. And technically
>speaking, Amuro "stole" RX-78 to fight. =)

Yes, I was thinking in terms of the order of production, not the
chronology. I still think of the Gundam Mk.II for a lot of innovations
that have subsequently been awarded to the upstart NT-1 and GP series.

Gundam 0083 becomes less and less original the more you look at it. (^_^);

But, technically speaking, Amuro didn't steal the Gundam, at least not in
the first episode, as he never formed the requisite "malice aforethought"
or criminal intent to take the Gundam for himself. At most, he could be
charged with willful misappropriation of government property.

Later on, when he goes AWOL (again, desertion requires proof of intent to
quit the military permanently and not for just the time to, say, visit his
mother) with the Gundam, the question of theft would be tied to the
question of desertion -- if he could be cited as a deserter, then he would
perforce also be a thief, but if was cited for AWOL, then he only
misappropriated for personal use and without authorization or grant.

Military justice is to justice what military music is to music....


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