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> Albastro Null Eiji Asuka
> 16-years old earthling/guradosian hybrid, Eiji is a pacifist and
> dislikes killing (he orders Rei to not shoots the pilot's cockpit and
> always leaves defeated enemies alive). He turns aganist his mother's
> homeplanet to defend the Earth. He's a very quiet person.

    To anyone who wants to know, he ends up with Anna, who met Eiji when
she's only 14 years old.

> > > > 2) More about the "Ray/Rei" computer...
> No specific data about Rei. The SPT'standard computer mantain unit
> integrity, repair and control damage, provide tactical advice and
> instruct the pilot about the controls. These can be switched to voice
> mode.
> Maybe Rei is a more developed and intelligent version of the standard
> computer. The pilot's helmet is always radio linked to the computer.

Actually, Layzner also had a "hidden" computer personality also, I think
it's called Forlo or something like that. It's the system that is designed
to protect the secret of Eiji (that Guradosian and Earth people are exactly
the same). It's the system that first used V-MAX, and it's also the one that
caused Eiji to actually kill a person (at least in the movie version).

> > > > 3) What exactly is V-MAX?
> No data found. In Mekton Z RPG the V-Max is an all-system booster.

I think it's basically an emergency only system where it uses all resources
of the unit that gives the SPT ungodly speed, which is supposed to be used
for escape. It will also activate a barrier like system. Although it was
supposed to be used for escape, throughout the anime, it is also used to
attack as well (keep on ramming the target). Only two (Actually 2 and a
half, since the Enchanced Layzner is basically Layzner) SPT has it. The
original Layzner's V-MAX is weaker than the V-MAX of the other two. There
was supposed to be another SPT that has V-MAX (actually it's called
V-MAXIMUM), Layzner Mk-II, but it never appear in the anime or the movie...

Edmund Chiu

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