Mon, 5 Jul 1999 17:58:20 EDT

Richard Ramos wrote:

> I think a sort of reversion to the non-tecyhnological designs of the
> seventies, but believe me, it could have been MUCH worse. What if they
> combined into ONE big Gundam? Or if they trasnsform into weird stuff?


I love it! I'm saving this one. This has real potential for bringing in an
audience of pre-schoolers. Call it Beast Wars Gundam. They'd sell tons of
the transforming toys. Something about gawdy transforming toys that little
kids really like.

Off Topic but: My son bought lots of Takara's transforming Beast Wars toys
while in Japan. They are the worst transforming "things" I've ever come
across; the little feet, antennae, and wings keep falling off every time you
try to transform them. And people complain about Bandai toys... (Couldn't
get him to buy anything Gundam related - wasn't cool enough. Lost out to
Beast Wars toys. I was quite annoyed.)

Emi A

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