Mon, 5 Jul 1999 17:19:28 EDT

> I see the trend here, you like that kind (refering to G - which was fighting
> arena type of anime, and W - which was Gachamen, well not even, ... what's
> the better TV anime that fits the description........)...

        Umm.....no, I liked G because of it's story, and I didn't exactly
liked Wing because of the characters, and I certainly do not like Gatchamen,
or saint seiya(but it's just me so don't take it the wrong way and start a
flame war ^_^). I did however tried to generalize X in my point of view and I
thank you for being up the statistics on X to prove me wrong...All in all I
enjoyed the stories of Most Gundam series, I have never liked a Gundam series
just based on the Characters.

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