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Mon, 5 Jul 1999 17:16:39 -0400

> Well,....I kind of thought it was ok, but of course Wing was the 1st
>Gundam TV series I ever seen so I do have some attachment to it(I have
>then seen X,G,and Z). I do think that it does have some redeeming values,
>for some of the plot turns it was ok, not very confusing as some said(I
>eva this ain't).
> I kind of like to just to treat Wing as what it is, An entirely
>ALTERNATE Gundam that has no relation to the original UC series, with that
>mind you might actually enjoy some of Wing. I mean Wing gets a lot of bad
>raps on this list, but Wing was actually a decent series, unlike X for
>example, a show that tried to emulate the UC timeline stuff and utterly

Ok, well, Let me say that X did not 'emulated' the UC timeline, it is based
on alternative timeline. Sure the director's intension was to bring back the
mood of the very first gundam - in regard to Jamel, who apparently is
depiction of Amuro, and that Federation and Space Colonies' war - Yet the
actual storyline, aside from the background in which it is found on, is
unique. The definition of Newtype was different (minor change), the world
was still suffering from the bloody war between colonies and Federation
(which original gundam timeline did not have this kind of world) and made
many rogue factions, and we cannot forget the characters (few exceptions)
and basic plot, which is far different from the original UC timeline. And it
did not fail 'utterly' as you put it, since the Gundam X was on top 10 in
japan (according to Animedia, and other magazines I buy regularily) during
the run and few months even after its last episode, some of its characters
marked the high ranks in character popularity poll. Sure it was short
(considering other series were 40+ epi) but it is nothing as you put it.

> It's just like someone before said Wing basically just shouts the
>message of "War is bad and must be exterminated" right in your face, and
>once there is a Gundam Series that solved most of it's struggles and didn't
>leave room for Conflicts to start again(unless you figure in Blind Target
>EW of course, but those were also concluded well).

> Ah what the heck, I'll just say it. I enjoyed Wing, and I enjoy
>almost every Gundam anime. There's next to none that I hate. Even X was
>in the beginning, G was great, and....Turn-A seems to be ok for now.

I see the trend here, you like that kind (refering to G - which was fighting
arena type of anime, and W - which was Gachamen, well not even, ... what's
the better TV anime that fits the description........)...

And Turn A I like.

Gundam Wing, series itself, and the general animation (especially toward end
was superb) was good. However, background music needed some work. Otherwise,
it has complex character relationship, heavy political stuff (if it could be
called so), and so on. I'd say it was well done, yet it's what people do
with that story that bothers me. Like doujinshi with Yaoi theme, assuming
things with characters' relationships, etc. Some fanfics are really out of
their line.

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