Mon, 5 Jul 1999 16:35:39 EDT

        Well,....I kind of thought it was ok, but of course Wing was the 1st
Gundam TV series I ever seen so I do have some attachment to it(I have since
then seen X,G,and Z). I do think that it does have some redeeming values, and
for some of the plot turns it was ok, not very confusing as some said(I mean
eva this ain't).

        I kind of like to just to treat Wing as what it is, An entirely
ALTERNATE Gundam that has no relation to the original UC series, with that in
mind you might actually enjoy some of Wing. I mean Wing gets a lot of bad
raps on this list, but Wing was actually a decent series, unlike X for
example, a show that tried to emulate the UC timeline stuff and utterly

         It's just like someone before said Wing basically just shouts the
message of "War is bad and must be exterminated" right in your face, and for
once there is a Gundam Series that solved most of it's struggles and didn't
leave room for Conflicts to start again(unless you figure in Blind Target and
EW of course, but those were also concluded well).

        Ah what the heck, I'll just say it. I enjoyed Wing, and I enjoy
almost every Gundam anime. There's next to none that I hate. Even X was good
in the beginning, G was great, and....Turn-A seems to be ok for now.

> >I saw the first 20 episodes of Gundam Wing and didn't really like it that
> >much. I can't stand the characters and their attitude... does the plot or
> >character development get better toward the end? Also, what did you guys
> >like and dislike about the series?

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