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> The designs were by far the most fantastic in mecha sense, what with
>wings, oversized swords, TONLOADS of guns and bat wings, as well as two
>LARGE dragon heads mounted on normal arms.
> I think a sort of reversion to the non-tecyhnological designs of the
>seventies, but believe me, it could have been MUCH worse. What if they
>combined into ONE big Gundam? Or if they trasnsform into weird stuff?
>Duo: "We can't hold out much longer! The beast MA's chopping us to
>Heero: "use our secondary mecha beast forms!" (wing turns into a big
>Wufei: "YOU'RE RIGHT! GUNDAM DRAGONER!" (nataku truns into two headed
>the sandrock turns into a scarab beetle, and the Heavy arms turns into a
>land turtle with a lot of guns sticking out of it. fllying above the
>Beastmonster MA is the Eagle Wing and the DeathBat. Suddenly, the MA
>transforms from an ugly ship like thing into a mega-MS
>"Was that all you could do?!!!!" Baron Treize Androgynous laughs.
>The Gundam beasts suddenly get engulfed in electromagnetic minovsky
>saturated tendrils of energy.
>"Gundam Team UNITE! BANZAI!"
>At the push of a console button and a few hand gestures with glowing
>wristwatches, all five gundams unite to form...Gundam Mega Mecha Custom
>Zero Max!
>Heero: "Feather Wing Blades!" (darts fly from the wing areas)
>Duo: "Scythe energy BEAM!" (energy blades flry from the mecha's hands)
>Quattre: "Sandrock Slash" (mecha slashes at MA with the two blades)
>Trowa: "Heavy arms BLAST!" (the mecha produces a BFG and b;lasts a nice
>hole through the MA"
>Wufei: "Nataku CRUSH!" (the dragon heads launch as bits and destroys
>choice parts of the MA's anatomy)
>Baron Treize: "You can't stop me! ROYAL FLASH!" (BIG energy blast fires
>from the MA's mouth)
>Gundam ZeroMax survives the blast, but all the pilots have been
>electrocuted in their cockpits and are dizzy.
>Heero: "It's time for the Final Attack! Gundam Zero Max Ultimate weapon
>Relena in a special fighter swoops in. half the fighter disengages from
>the cockpit/engine area and turns into a super BIG SWORD. Relena's fighter
>cockpit combines with the chest area to form a badge like chest armor,
>while the other parts of the fighter attaches to different parts of the
>Gundam Max to turn it into Gundam Max Super.
>Relena: "Surrender Baron Treize! we have no wish to hurt you!"
>Baron Treize: "and let your peaceful ways take over my people? Never!"
>Relena: "you bring this down on your head."
>All the G5 boys: "POWER UP!"
>an electromagnetic storm comes up, and lightning starts hitting the
>BFSword, making it glow.
>Baron: "NOOOOO!!!!!!"
>G5 and Relena: "PEACE BE WITH YOU!"
>Gundam max super charges into the MA, and plunges its sword into the
>abdomen, then slices it into two. The MA explodes, while the Gundam Max
>super is there still in attack pose, unharmed by the carnage.
>in the distance, one sees the head of the MA transforming into a smaller
>Baron Treize: "I'll be back, you impetuous boys! Beware, Relena!"
>close shot of Relena staring off into space: "will we ever have
>sorry, i couldn't resist.
>Richard Ramos

That's very good! I enjoyed it immensly!!!!!

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