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Ramos <gaijin@i-manila.com.ph> writes
> Story, well, I think I could put it like this:
>>Gundam carried a fairly subtle message about the horrors of war and the
>>way it affects people. Gundam Wing hits you with the same message over
>>the head with a shovel. ^_^
> Actually, I liked Gundam Wing...it reminds me of a really good B-
>just wish it had been more subtle about the anti-war thing. admittedly, it
>also makes sure that fifteen yearolds will believe that they can actually
>do all those things those maniacal pilots can do.
        Hmm, I must have somehow missed the "just taking the Mobile Suit
out for a rampage, Dad" part of my youth... ^_^
        Well, I like I say, I don't either like it or dislike it. To
from any kind of definite opinion, I'd have to see more of it, or at
least the first few episodes. It was a bit different from what I was
expecting, but it also wasn't different enough to what I was expecting,
if that makes sense.
        It does, however, have one of the best opening themes of all
time, though... ^_^

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