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>No, the plot and characters really don't change much. (Heero gets slightly
>more softened toward the end but that's about it.) Plot continues to be
>confusing and unlikely... It's a series developed with women as target
>(especially for yaoi fans) and it shows. Many women find these guys very
>appealing, including their personality. I think psychotic boys bring out
>maternal instincts in women. (I certainly fell for it, being female ^_^)
>like those 5 annoying(?) boys, but other than that, I think the plot and
>storyline leaves a lot to be desired. I usually have little opinion about
>mecha design, but if you thought the original Gundams in GW were bad,
>even worse in Endless Waltz. Even I had a little trouble with angel wings
>and bat wings on a Gundam...

        The designs were by far the most fantastic in mecha sense, what with
wings, oversized swords, TONLOADS of guns and bat wings, as well as two
LARGE dragon heads mounted on normal arms.
        I think a sort of reversion to the non-tecyhnological designs of the
seventies, but believe me, it could have been MUCH worse. What if they
combined into ONE big Gundam? Or if they trasnsform into weird stuff?

Duo: "We can't hold out much longer! The beast MA's chopping us to shreds!"

Heero: "use our secondary mecha beast forms!" (wing turns into a big eagle)

Wufei: "YOU'RE RIGHT! GUNDAM DRAGONER!" (nataku truns into two headed

the sandrock turns into a scarab beetle, and the Heavy arms turns into a
land turtle with a lot of guns sticking out of it. fllying above the
Beastmonster MA is the Eagle Wing and the DeathBat. Suddenly, the MA
transforms from an ugly ship like thing into a mega-MS

"Was that all you could do?!!!!" Baron Treize Androgynous laughs.

The Gundam beasts suddenly get engulfed in electromagnetic minovsky
saturated tendrils of energy.

"Gundam Team UNITE! BANZAI!"

At the push of a console button and a few hand gestures with glowing
wristwatches, all five gundams unite to form...Gundam Mega Mecha Custom
Zero Max!

Heero: "Feather Wing Blades!" (darts fly from the wing areas)
Duo: "Scythe energy BEAM!" (energy blades flry from the mecha's hands)
Quattre: "Sandrock Slash" (mecha slashes at MA with the two blades)
Trowa: "Heavy arms BLAST!" (the mecha produces a BFG and b;lasts a nice
hole through the MA"
Wufei: "Nataku CRUSH!" (the dragon heads launch as bits and destroys
choice parts of the MA's anatomy)

Baron Treize: "You can't stop me! ROYAL FLASH!" (BIG energy blast fires
from the MA's mouth)

Gundam ZeroMax survives the blast, but all the pilots have been
electrocuted in their cockpits and are dizzy.

Heero: "It's time for the Final Attack! Gundam Zero Max Ultimate weapon


Relena in a special fighter swoops in. half the fighter disengages from
the cockpit/engine area and turns into a super BIG SWORD. Relena's fighter
cockpit combines with the chest area to form a badge like chest armor,
while the other parts of the fighter attaches to different parts of the
Gundam Max to turn it into Gundam Max Super.

Relena: "Surrender Baron Treize! we have no wish to hurt you!"
Baron Treize: "and let your peaceful ways take over my people? Never!"
Relena: "you bring this down on your head."

All the G5 boys: "POWER UP!"

an electromagnetic storm comes up, and lightning starts hitting the
BFSword, making it glow.

Baron: "NOOOOO!!!!!!"

G5 and Relena: "PEACE BE WITH YOU!"

Gundam max super charges into the MA, and plunges its sword into the
abdomen, then slices it into two. The MA explodes, while the Gundam Max
super is there still in attack pose, unharmed by the carnage.

in the distance, one sees the head of the MA transforming into a smaller MS.

Baron Treize: "I'll be back, you impetuous boys! Beware, Relena!"

close shot of Relena staring off into space: "will we ever have Peace....?"

sorry, i couldn't resist.

>If I were you, I would probably skip the rest of the series and go on to
>something else. There are so many other Gundam series with better story and
>plotlines. (And this is coming from a Wing fan!)
>Oh, one more thing. Several men on the Japanese Gundam newsgroup said that
>this series was very useful in getting their wives/girlfriends/daughters
>hooked on Gundam, making it easier to justify their own Gundam hobby, so it
>does have its uses. (And G was mentioned as the best one to get their
>preschool age sons to get started on Gundam.)
>Emi A
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