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>> The GP-02A? =) In terms of timeline, it's the first. And
>> speaking, Amuro "stole" RX-78 to fight. =)
>And the RX-178 was stolen by Camille and in ZZ the Z was stolen by the
>new guy two or three times in a row. Uraki "stolen" the GP-01 and later
>the GP-03S. Amuro in a fit of depression stolen the RX-78 and escaped
>with it. Sayla did almost the same. Do I miss something?
>Never left a Gundam cockpit unguarded.
>Bye, Vincenzo

        Therer is Anavel Gato, who stole the gp02a (This is what takes the cake
of course). and there is the Re-GZ which was commandeered by
what's-er-name. Then there are the F90 suits. Cima technically "stole"
the Gerbera, if you really want to get nitpicky. On a humorous vein, Usso
from V knocked Chronocle out of a MS cockpit and commandeered it too. and
dumped ole Chron in the lake.

        Oh yeah, there's the guntank from F91, which was appropriated from a war

        I tell you, they should put some kind of pad;lock on those things.

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