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> I saw the first 20 episodes of Gundam Wing and didn't really like it that
> much. I can't stand the characters and their attitude... does the plot or
> character development get better toward the end? Also, what did you guys
> like and dislike about the series?
> axis

No, the plot and characters really don't change much. (Heero gets slightly
more softened toward the end but that's about it.) Plot continues to be
confusing and unlikely... It's a series developed with women as target
(especially for yaoi fans) and it shows. Many women find these guys very
appealing, including their personality. I think psychotic boys bring out
maternal instincts in women. (I certainly fell for it, being female ^_^) I
like those 5 annoying(?) boys, but other than that, I think the plot and
storyline leaves a lot to be desired. I usually have little opinion about
mecha design, but if you thought the original Gundams in GW were bad, they're
even worse in Endless Waltz. Even I had a little trouble with angel wings
and bat wings on a Gundam...

If I were you, I would probably skip the rest of the series and go on to
something else. There are so many other Gundam series with better story and
plotlines. (And this is coming from a Wing fan!)

Oh, one more thing. Several men on the Japanese Gundam newsgroup said that
this series was very useful in getting their wives/girlfriends/daughters
hooked on Gundam, making it easier to justify their own Gundam hobby, so it
does have its uses. (And G was mentioned as the best one to get their
preschool age sons to get started on Gundam.)

Emi A

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