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>I saw the first 20 episodes of Gundam Wing and didn't really like it that
>much. I can't stand the characters and their attitude... does the plot or
>character development get better toward the end? Also, what did you guys
>like and dislike about the series?
        The uniforms. ^_^
        Seriously, I've only seen a few episodes of Wing, out of order
as well, so I can't really give a definite opinion. My initial
impressions are, something like the mecha vary between interesting to
"uh, no thanks". Some of the designs seem more like they jumped out of a
US super hero comic, what with the squared off energy cannon barrels,
etc. Character designs, I haven't seen enough to really get an
impression of them. Story, well, I think I could put it like this:
Gundam carried a fairly subtle message about the horrors of war and the
way it affects people. Gundam Wing hits you with the same message over
the head with a shovel. ^_^

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