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Veilchen & Violetto wrote:
> > > Can someone tell me more about the SPT Layzner series?
> > >
> > > 1) More info on Eiji...

Albastro Null Eiji Asuka
16-years old earthling/guradosian hybrid, Eiji is a pacifist and
dislikes killing (he orders Rei to not shoots the pilot's cockpit and
always leaves defeated enemies alive). He turns aganist his mother's
homeplanet to defend the Earth. He's a very quiet person.

> > > 2) More about the "Ray/Rei" computer...
No specific data about Rei. The SPT'standard computer mantain unit
integrity, repair and control damage, provide tactical advice and
instruct the pilot about the controls. These can be switched to voice
Maybe Rei is a more developed and intelligent version of the standard
computer. The pilot's helmet is always radio linked to the computer.

> > > 3) What exactly is V-MAX?
No data found. In Mekton Z RPG the V-Max is an all-system booster.

> > > 4) What's the story all about?
The story is about a war between the Earth and the planet Gurados in the
Udoria system in the 1996. The Earth is still divided in
American/Soviets zones of influence and the Guradosian attacks to avoid
the Earthling's expansion in Space (they're too much trouble). The first
skirmishes are fight on Mars where Eiji defects with the Layzner to warn
and defend the earthlings.

Bye, Vincenzo

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