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>This should no be confused with the Bio Computer, which was the part of
>SNRI's Gundam F91 designed by Monica Arno. She describes it as a
>"brainwave induction system" and tells Seabook how to use it to find
>Cecily: "Use the infrared sensor in the range of human body heat and pass
>that filtered input through your radar display. That will enhance your
>perception, but it depends on your own awareness." Like the Bio Sensor,
>Monica's Bio Computer "reads" the pilot's mental output, but instead of
>using it to run a remote system, it augments and enhances the output and
>feeds it back to the pilot as imagery.

        Sounds a bit like a system much like the Zero system in GW, with the
difference being that the Zero operates in a strategic level, while the Bio
Computer is more for personal combat. BTW, I remember seeing in a cel
Quattre in the cockpit of the Sandrock, and then seeing one of his monitors
displaying this: ALICE-II system. HEHEHEHEHHEHEH.


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