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>>In UC universe, remote control drone are usually pretty much useless
>>due to the Minovsky Particle interferance. Newtype psycommu are the
>>only effective way of doing wireless remote control, and even some
>>still require wire connection to make effective control (Zeong of
>>OYW). My question is this: there appear to be an effective method of
>>remote guidance of drones via a system call InCom, which is a
>>computer guided wired drone (aleast this shows up in Gundam
>>Sentinel). Now is this weapon part of cannon? Does this system
>>shows up in actual animation? And how does it stands up to Zeong's
>>wire beam cannon?
>The Incom ("Instant Communication") system was described in Keith Rhee's
>now defunct Gundam Technology section as a "quasi-psychommu energy cap
>weapon, basically a pod with a beam gun, pulse rockets, and a trailing
>for controls." Quasi-psychommu was defined as "the normal man's
>... a regular psychommu system sits and waits for brainwave messages
>the pilot. However, only powerful Newtypes have enough mental brainwave
>strength for the system to register the thoughts. A quasi-psychommu
>system, on the other hand, literally samples or "reads" your mind.
>to high sampling rates, the sesponse to your thoughts is close to
>real-time, approximating the performance of a true psychommu system. ...
>Using wired drones called Incoms together with the quasi-psychommu
>non-Newtypes can conduct limited forms of all-range attacks."
>Insofar as I know, the Incom system appeared only in the fan-authored
>Gundam Sentinel. In fact, I only know of three MS that used the Incom:
>MSA-0011 Superior Gundam (3.8MW Incom), MSA-001(Ext) Ex-S Gundam (3.8MW
>Incom), and ORX-013 Gundam Mark V (4.5MW Incom x 2). That's really only
>two, since the Ex-S is just a beefed up S.

I have always question the wisdom of Newtype psychommu weapon system.
Sure they work fine if you can get strong enough of a pilot to do the
job. But seeing that Newtype pilots are harder to find than large He3
deposits on Earth, and they are expensive as hell. I have always wonder
why systems like InCom isn't more fully developed. Added by the fact
that Artificial Newtypes are in some ways more trouble than their worth
(psychotic episodes aside).

Mobile Doll technology, AF timeline's version of point and forget weapon
system would work fine in UC timeline except the need for the control
vessel of communicate with the remote MD.

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