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> PS:With the improved engineering available for Bandai kits, I really wish
> they'd revive the 1/220 scale for the HGUC line.

So do I. I prefer 1/220 scale models for table top gaming. 1/144 is just a
little to big for gaming, 1/100 is great for display only, and 1/60 is just a
little bit too big for anything other than the fun of putting it together. Of
course, that's only when speaking of Gundam models. Now that Heavy Gear has
gone from 1/87 to 1/144 scale with their miniatures, I can display a squad of
Jagers and a squad of Hunters standing no higher than the ankles of all of my
1/144 Gundam models. get for perspective. I can wait for the 1/144 scale
infantry to come out!


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