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>What is Bio-sensor? and how does it work?

Turning again to Keith Rhee's Gundam Technology:

"Bio Sensor - Anaheim Electronics' attempt at a psychommu system, installed
in both the MSZ-006 Z Gundam and MSZ-010 Gundam ZZ. The Bio Sensor system
can be considered a 'black box;' little is known of its inner workings,
although it seems to be a simpler version of psychommu. The Bio Sensor
seems to respond only to very high levels of brainwave activity, and as
such doesn't seem to be nearly as effective as a proper psychommu system."

This should no be confused with the Bio Computer, which was the part of
SNRI's Gundam F91 designed by Monica Arno. She describes it as a
"brainwave induction system" and tells Seabook how to use it to find
Cecily: "Use the infrared sensor in the range of human body heat and pass
that filtered input through your radar display. That will enhance your
perception, but it depends on your own awareness." Like the Bio Sensor,
Monica's Bio Computer "reads" the pilot's mental output, but instead of
using it to run a remote system, it augments and enhances the output and
feeds it back to the pilot as imagery.


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