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>What is canon and what is not, what is a side story, what is not, can a
>side story be canon? These questions have always gnawed at my brain.
>Here are my thoughts...events in which if the conclusion were to go the
>other way would change the outcome of the UC continuity are most
>certainly canon, and would not be considered a side story.

Almost by definition, anything that's animated is Canon. That's why fans
had screaming fits when episode 1 of 08th MS Team appeared to violate
continuity all the way back to the original series. Since Tomino is the
ultimate author of the series, his anime tend to carry more weight than
non-Tomino anime, but if you see it on the screen, it's Canon.

After anime comes models -- if it's rendered in plastic, it's Canon.
That's how Gundam Sentinel made it into the timeline.

Novelizations come in third and then only if they're written by Tomino.
Mark or I could write a Gundam novel that doesn't violate continuity in the
slightest, but who would care? Tomino can kill Amuro off in the third
Gundam novel and still have him in the 5-volume Z Gundam novelization and
it's all still Canon, with the untimely death of Amuro an "alternate
history" version.

The Tomino novels pose an interesting discontinuity, because they were
written for a different audience than the anime and also had the problem of
compression found in the movie compilations -- how to tell the story in a
much smaller time frame (or, in this case, word count).

I think Tomino went a step further in the Gundam novelization and wrote the
ending he originally wanted to have, rather than the one forced on him by
the constraints of anime and its audience.

Manga are Canon only if they echo the anime. G Unit is Canon because
there's a line of models as well as the manga.

Anime are apparently never made from manga, so the question of whether or
not Crossbone is Canon may be moot.


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