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> Actually, I was just asking about that today in a local railroad/hobby
>HO scale is exactly 1/87 and N scale is half of that. (1/174 I guess). I
>about anything in the 1/144-1/100 range and she almost laughed.

I wonder how they arrived at 1/87 scale? The 1/72 scale makes sense for
those using English measurements, because there are 12 inches in a foot, so
a 6-foot (= 72 inches) tall man would be represented by a 1-inch figure at
1/72 scale. And, of course, 1/144 scale is simply 1/72 scale cut down by

(So, if you have a pilot figure with an MS, it should stand between 0.42
and 0.5 inches [1.07 to 1.27 cm] tall at 1/144 scale or 0.6 to 0.72 inches
[1.5 to 1.83 cm] tall at 1/100 scale.)

But I can't think of anything that divides evenly by 87....


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