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>> Maybe the future of Gundam is in the AC universe. (shudder)
>I doubt it... EW perfectly terminated the possibility for more battle
>involving Heero & co. Maybe they could go on without the mobile suits

        No, what I meant is other stories in the AC timeline, not a sequel
to Gundam Wing (though I don't put that past them to resurrect the show. =)

        I'm actually wondering how Bandai/Tomino intends to extend the UC
timeline. From what I *hear*, the stories lately have been a bit lame-ish,
but that's heresay. =)

>Face it. They already threw the rule of mainstream Gundam out of the window
>when the previous show called 'G-GUNDAM' was on air. Forget the reality
>thing and please take a good look at the characters' drama and the quest
>for the main theme regarding 'how humankind stop the endless cycle of
>fighting each other?', then it might look differently... a bit.
>(just my opinion)

        If we are talking about drama/plot, I'll still say the UC stories
are better. NOI, but GW's plot could have been a lot better.

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