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>I've been hearing people talk about how the animation quality of Zeta is
>good enough to stand side by side with many of today's anime shows, but
>upon flipping through the recently published Tomino retrospective book,
>I can't help but notice how "dated" is the hairstyle of his characters
>from the shows that ran in the 80s.

I tend to agree with you here. As much as I'm a fan of Zeta, the character
design (hair, outfit) does look dated.

> AV.com made a good short-term business decision to release Wing, but I
> fear that by the time they get to Zeta, all the girls who bought in
> Wing and tried to watch other Gundam shows will all in a sudden go
> "What? No cute boys? Bye!" and then U.S. Gundam sales drop like a rock,
> Bandai Japan gets scares, and no more Gundam in the U.S.... so in the long
> term I think it'll hurt!
> Eddie

I don't think so. I've been hanging around GW fandom for a while, and it's
true that these girls have absolutely no interest in the other Gundam series
(or any other robo/mecha for that matter). Most are actually shoujo fans,
and I'm sure AV is aware of that. I'm sure they took that into account when
they decided to release MS 08 Team, which appeals to more hard-core
robo/mecha fans with quality, more updated animation.

What's the general opinion around here on MS 08 Team? I've only seen the
movie (Miller's Report) but liked it enough to want to get the whole series.

I guess I'm hoping that GW will sell well enough that it spurs Bandai to
release more titles here, which will then be picked up by non-GW fans. (I'm
an optimist! :)

Emi A

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